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This blog is about my daily life. I am a mother of a daughter named Lilo Haura Aqila. She used to be called Lala. Inside this blog, I will post anything want to post. My writings, my vision, my recipes (because I also like cooking), Also I'd like to post about fashion. Fashion is my passion. I'd be honored to share it with all of you. Of the many fashion blogs that exists, especially in Indonesia, is dominated by adolescents. Just a few fashion blogs for adult women who are married and have children. Mommies should also be fashionable and treat themselves good. Not only teens are allowed to look good, cheerful and fashionable. Right moms? :)

Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

Going to a Shopping Mall on Sunday

This Denim Mini Dress fits with black stocking. Suitable for spending your weekend at the Mall. But I think it can also fit in on other occasion such as Birthday Party.

Cute!!!! I Love this look :)

Denim Mini Dress: Yes, you can buy
 Pink Blue Sky Heels : Yes, you can order
Red Flowery Jimmy Choo Bag : Yes, you can buy
 Stocking : Model's own

For Question & order: 
 YM : fithryartha@yahoo.com
 Text/Whatsapp : +6281214064678
or, Message me on Facebook : Fithry Artha

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