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This blog is about my daily life. I am a mother of a daughter named Lilo Haura Aqila. She used to be called Lala. Inside this blog, I will post anything want to post. My writings, my vision, my recipes (because I also like cooking), Also I'd like to post about fashion. Fashion is my passion. I'd be honored to share it with all of you. Of the many fashion blogs that exists, especially in Indonesia, is dominated by adolescents. Just a few fashion blogs for adult women who are married and have children. Mommies should also be fashionable and treat themselves good. Not only teens are allowed to look good, cheerful and fashionable. Right moms? :)

Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

My Day

I love relaxing atmosphere, while listening to Jazzy music, sipping a cup of tea or coffee. And everywhere I go.... My Laptop always join me. Doing some work while sitting peacefully in a quiet & cozy atmosphere Cafes, can boost my imagination, create an inspiration. I love blogging in every where I go. As long as I liked it, however difficult that is, the work will be easy since we are intended to do this. All because we love what we do. I also love photography. Though I had just started it. I'm still in the learning phase. Or just better be called as in the liking phase.

Relaxing while still doing work...work....work....

Tea or Coffee, anyone? Since I'm on a Diet, no sugar please. But then, I always bring my Tropicana Slim with me :)


Cheers to all, 

Fithry Artha

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